The Lost Partnership: How and Why Startups, Corporations Can Work Together

This post is written by Michael Goldstein and originally appeared on Wired.

IN AN ACQUISITION-HAPPY environment, many in the tech world believe that corporations and startups can’t form mutually beneficial relationships without one ultimately buying out the other. In fact, startups that are adamant on keeping their identity and building their own reputation are often reluctant to partner with larger, more established companies. But startups shouldn’t feel like they are “selling out” by teaming up with bigger companies, and corporations shouldn’t feel wary of startup culture not jiving with company ethos. There is a junction there, and I’d like to talk about it.

Let’s examine a small startup, full of risk-taking spirit and innovative ideas. They are good at what they do, unafraid of bold decision-making and excited at the prospect of changing an industry by creating something entirely new. Often times, the only roadblock holding them back from success is a lack of capital, which can interfere with their goals and potential for future success.

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