A workshop on observing, identifying and solving problems to 99x Technology

Bandwagon conducted a workshop for 99x Technology on “Observing, identifying and problem solving” on 4th of March 2017. The objective of the workshop was to help participants identify problems using concepts of Design Thinking. Empathizing and Observation tactics.

The program consisted of an introduction to design thinking followed by an outdoor observation sprint. Participants were asked to hit the streets and “get into the shoes” of passersby to empathize day-to-day problems faced by them.

Then they were taken through a process of ideation and solution generation. This helped them to come up with viable solutions for their problems. The fun part was, we restricted them from coming up with any ICT based solutions. Imagine the difficulty for a techie to come up with non tech solutions? We refrained them from using any app/web based solutions.

After finding solutions, participants again went to the road to validate their solutions. They had to speak with people and bring evidence of the validation process. Then the pitching session began.

This is where we were stunned. The novel non-tech solutions were really inspiring. Kudos 99x Technology.

We believe that even though it was a one-day workshop, participants experienced the full cycle of observing, identifying and solving problems.

We are very content with the recent workshop we conducted with Bandwagon. Bandwagon staff were flexible to customize the workshop to our needs. They also did a great job in facilitating – Hasith Yaggahawita (CTO at 99x Technology)

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