Knowledge, Skills, Resources and Network For Your Startup

Startup Workshops

We can help entrepreneurs and startups to skill up and scale up. If you have an idea or you are already up and running, we can help you grow.

Pitching Your Business

Do you want to pitch your startup idea to potential investors? Or do you want to refine your pitch? Then this workshop is for you.

Accounting Essentials for Startups

Are you struggling with accounting and bookkeeping in your startup? We can help you learn the basics you need to know about accounting, paying taxes and managing your finances.

Building Your Dream Startup Team

Do you want to learn how to create a dream team in your startup? Then join our build your start team workshop.

Legal Essentials for Startups

If you planning to register your startup and you have no idea how to do it, this workshop is perfect. Click here to find out more.

Digital Marketing 101 for Startups

Do you want to reach more customers and grow your business? Learn the best Digital Marketing hacks for Sri Lankan startups. Click here to find out more.


If you already have a startup, scale up your business with mentoring, funding and potential partners


We firmly believe every startup needs at least one mentor – especially at the early stages. We have a database of mentors who are happy to provide guidance for entrepreneurs and startups.


Creating new products takes money. We can help you think through your financing strategies and connect you with investors and other funding sources.


The right partners, co-founders and advisers are critical for success. Bandwagon can help expand your partner relationships and introduce you to individuals and businesses who can add-value to your startup.