Your Guide To What's Happening In Sri Lankan and International Startup Scene

Startup lessons from Lahiru Pathmalal, CEO of and Joe Lenora from We Are Designers

SPIKE, the monthly meetup of Sri Lankan tech startup ecosystem was held at Barefoot on 28th of February. Lahiru, CEO of and Joe Lenora from We Are Designers were present to share their experience. Lahiru Pathmalal Lahiru Pathmalal was one of the first speakers at SPIKE. He joined with SPIKE for the second time...
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Pitching workshop

Pitching Workshop by Bandwagon – How to refine your startup pitch

The “Pitching Workshop”, organized by Bandwagon ended successfully on 15th March 2017. This workshop was aimed at Sri Lankan founders and entrepreneurs who wanted to improve and refine their startup pitches. Chalinda Abeykoon from crowdisland (Sri Lanka’s first equity based crowdfunding platform) was the mentor for the day. We limited the participation for 15 so...
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99x technology

A workshop on observing, identifying and solving problems to 99x Technology

Bandwagon conducted a workshop for 99x Technology on “Observing, identifying and problem solving” on 4th of March 2017. The objective of the workshop was to help participants identify problems using concepts of Design Thinking. Empathizing and Observation tactics. The program consisted of an introduction to design thinking followed by an outdoor observation sprint. Participants were...
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FinTech Starups

What can Sri Lankan FinTech startups do to take us to the next level of ecommerce?

What can Sri Lankan FinTech startups do to take us to the next level of ecommerce? Do you want to know what’s going on in the FinTech startup arena in Sri Lanka? This is a recap of what happened in February SPIKE. Barefoot Café was filled on 27th with “Spikers” for another fantastic networking night....
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Business hubs

What happened in Business Hubs networking night?

Business Hubs had their first networking night and meet up on 15th of February 2017 at their Nugegoda Business hub. If you have still not heard of Business Hubs, they are a new countrywide network of Entrepreneur Co-Working centres established around Sri Lanka. It’s a co-working space for start up businesses, entrepreneurs, remote workers and small companies...
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VC’s are not your friends, they’re frenemies

This post originally appeared on Medium and written by Steve Blank. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is not understanding the relationship they have with their investors. At times they confuse VC’s with their friends. Let’s Go to Lunch At Rocket Science our video game company was struggling. Hubris, bad CEO decisions (mine) and a fundamental...
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3 Reasons Why Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs Play a Very Different Game

This post originally appeared on RocketSpace and written by Kati Holland. Let’s cut to the chase: Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are very, very different. An entrepreneur is someone who innovates by starting his or her own company (e.g., a startup), whereas an intrapreneur is an employee of a larger organization (e.g., a Fortune 500 company) whose job...
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Arj Wignaraja

Arj Wignaraja on startup investing and how to select the best investor for your startup

Barefoot was packed on 31st January with folks from Sri Lankan startup ecosystem for another networking night at Spike! Spike is Sri Lanka’s first monthly regular pitching and idea sharing meetup where Sri Lankan startup community get to meet in a casual surrounding for some great conversation. There were two speakers and one of them...
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How to Write a Business Plan that Investors Will Love

A good business plan does more than just inform readers about what your company does, how you earn money, or what you want to do. It persuades the reader that your company is awesome, gets them excited about the opportunity to get involved, and makes them want to help you succeed. But how do you...
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Why I Only Work Remotely

This post originally appeared in NewcoShift and was written by Yan Lhert. Building software for startups is a huge challenge. Not because writing the software itself is that hard, but most startups have managed to create the least optimal places to do work. In my 10+ years of experience as a software engineer at startups, I cannot...
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How to start a startup without ruining your life

If you are aspiring to start a “startup” or if you have already started, by now you should know that the other side is not filled with rainbows and butterflies. Starting something on your own is a daunting task and being successful requires lot of hard work. The biggest mistake many young founders do is...
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When and How to Use Venture Debt To Fuel Startup Growth

If you are an entrepreneur  with a startup idea, there is a great probability that you’re looking for investors to fund your business. There are several options for a startup to get funded like bootstrapping, angel investing, venture capitals, crowdfunding etc. But, have you ever heard about Venture Debt? Unlike venture capital, venture debt is a...
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Two Books About Venture Capital That Every Entrepreneur Should Read

This post was written by Erica Swallow and originally appeared on Rocket Space. Even if you’ve raised your first or second round as an entrepreneur, venture capital can seem like a foreign world. Where entrepreneurs spend their days executing upon their own ideas, venture capitalists spend their days evaluating the ideas of others. With less than...
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Prioritize These 5 Things Every Day To Be A Better CEO

This post was written by Brittany Hodak and originally appeared on Rocket Space. As the adage goes, when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. Founders and CEOs face a daily barrage of situations that must quickly be assessed, prioritized and dealt with. Although adding anything new to a maxed-out to-do list can seem...
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The Lost Partnership: How and Why Startups, Corporations Can Work Together

This post is written by Michael Goldstein and originally appeared on Wired. IN AN ACQUISITION-HAPPY environment, many in the tech world believe that corporations and startups can’t form mutually beneficial relationships without one ultimately buying out the other. In fact, startups that are adamant on keeping their identity and building their own reputation are often...
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Convince Your Management Team to Support a Startup Partnership: 3 Simple Steps

It is now evident that corporates cannot go forward without innovating. The processes that once worked do not help to capture future customers anymore. Startups all over the world have figured out better solutions that can outrun traditional corporate giants. To survive the waves of industry disruption, the only solution for corporates is to think...
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How to recruit top talent on a budget

This post was written by Kelli Newman and originally appeared on Medium.  No matter the product or service, all successful startups are essentially collections of talented people working together toward a shared mission. Your idea could be “the next Facebook,” but if you can’t attract people to help build, sell, and operate the idea, it can...
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The Ten Types of Corporate Innovation Programs

This post is written by Jeremiah Owyang and originally appeared on NewcoShift. Large, established companies are trying on various programs to foster new innovations in an attempt to find the best way to change course for their big ships. These established companies are struggling to keep up with fast-paced, venture-backed startups that are changing customer expectations — and often...
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